Charge Description Master (CDM) Review

Our CDM review process is designed to ensure that your facility can mitigate risk and ensure compliance from the start.

We take a facility’s Charge Master and other schedules and test them against our customized inspection tool to ensure your codes are up to date and properly match the designated items or services. A log of needed changes is generated and is shared with the facility for review. We offer an educational component, on-site if desired, to ensure the CDM is properly implemented and utilized.

Specific areas that are reviewed include:

  • Validation of CPT/HCPCS codes currently assigned in the CDM
  • Identification of charge codes assigned an invalid or incorrect CPT/HCPCS code
  • Identification of charge codes not currently assigned a CPT/HCPCS code, for which an applicable code is available
  • Identification of charge codes frequently associated with National Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) edits and policy
  • Identification of charge code/billing scenarios that represent a potential for:
    • Loss of reimbursement
    • Overpayment
    • Compliance issue
    • Claim suspension
  • Identification of services that may be provided that are not currently available in the CDM
  • Identification of CPT codes that are valid, but not recognized by Medicare
  • Review of conversion factors, specifically in Pharmacy
  • Review appropriateness of revenue codes currently assigned in the CDM
  • Review appropriateness of CDM descriptions for clarity and consistency within the department
  • Review of linked/associated charge codes
  • Identification of codes that are subject to a Medically Unlikely Edit

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