• What makes this product different than others?
    • The HIQUP report offers a customized analysis that is post all deployed and/or purchased edits. Think of it as a final white-glove test that can identify problems internal billing edits may have missed.
  • How often does a hospital get a HIQUP report?
    • Most hospitals submit their outpatient Medicare 835 remittances to MMP for analysis once a month. In turn, these hospitals get a monthly HIQUP report. Others may choose to submit their remittances quarterly and received quarterly HIQUP report.
  • Can a hospital purchase just the quarterly / monthly HIQUP analysis from MMP?
    • Absolutely. The HIQUP analysis is a stand-alone product and can be purchased by itself.
  • How will the HIQUP report save money?
    • This service is actionable at the patient specific level, saving time and opportunity costs associated with decisions support, billing and auditing personnel.
  • How can the HIQUP report find money?
    • This service immediately identifies cash related to medical necessity; other reimbursement opportunities and/or risk avoidance is realized upon actual medical record review.
  • What is the turn-around time for the HIQUP report?
    • This service provides actionable analysis within 2 business days of receipt of data enabling you to react within the 120-day appeal cycle.
  • How can findings in the HIQUP report be implemented?
    • This service supports your compliance plan through comprehensive reporting and monitoring of initiatives

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