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Is this a PICC line?


We have documentation that a PICC line nurse inserted a “PIV” in the patient’s right lower arm with a 20-gauge needle / angiocath. If the nurse had also documented the vein as the cephalic, basilic, or dorsalic, could we report this as a PICC line insertion, CPT code 36569?


This sounds like a regular IV start that happened to be done by the PICC nurse.

Usually, if the PICC nurse puts in a true PICC line, they will specifically call it a PICC line. In your question, the PICC nurse calls it a PIV = peripheral IV, and they used a 20-gauge needle.

In order to report a PICC line, you would also need documentation of the final position of the catheter tip in a central vessel or right atrium – per CPT guidelines.

We usually see this documented by a chest x-ray or with a tip confirmation system like Sherlock.

Based on the details stated in the question, and assuming the PIV will be used for medications and/or IV fluids, there is not a CPT code to report.

It’s just an IV start - - even if it was difficult and required the skills of a PICC nurse.

Article by Jeff Gordon

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