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Coding Hematuria in Pregnancy


If a patient goes to an outpatient clinic for OB lab work and is having Hematuria, can we use code 599.70 (Hematuria) as the principal diagnosis with a secondary diagnosis code of V22.1 (Supervision of other normal pregnancy) or should code 646.8x (Complication of Pregnancy) be reported?


Report 646.8x, Other Specified Complications of Pregnancy as the principal diagnosis.   Per ICD-9-CM (OB) Coding Guidelines:  When a patient is pregnant, the condition (Hematuria) should be coded as a pregnancy complication.  V22.1 should not be used in conjunction with chapter 11 (Complications of Pregnancy) codes.

ICD-9 assumes that the condition is complicating the pregnancy unless the provider specifically states that the pregnancy is incidental to the encounter.  It is the provider’s responsibility to state that the condition being treated is not affecting the pregnancy.  If the provider states that the condition is not affecting the pregnancy, use code V22.x as the principal diagnosis.  Also, code the condition as a secondary diagnosis.

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