Health Information Professionals (HIP) Week

on Tuesday, 26 March 2019. All News Items | Miscellaneous

Join MMP, Inc., in celebrating HIP week.  You probably know or even work closely with health information professionals in your workplace.  They usually work behind the scenes and rarely get any recognition, so let me tell you a little bit about the profession:

Health Information Management (HIM), an allied health profession, leads efforts to ensure the availability, accuracy, integrity, and security of all data related to patient healthcare encounters, thus achieving better clinical and business decisions that enhance healthcare quality. HIM professionals work in multiple settings, including hospitals, clinics, physician offices, government and health insurance agencies, and other organizations. They play a key role in the effective management of health data to deliver quality healthcare to the public.

HIP Week coincides with the American Health Information Management Association’s (AHIMA) Hill Day, where AHIMA members come together on Capitol Hill to advance the health information profession. HIP Week is a great opportunity for professionals to showcase the benefits of their profession, and collectively work to lead the way in health information.

So take the time to thank a health information professional today for all of the excellent work that they do!


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