Outpatient Services

Are You Educated and Compliant?

Medicare Education on Psych Source of Admission and Proper Billing of Drug Units

Keep On Keeping On

Therapy Provisions Extended for 2014

Getting Paid for Lab Services in 2014

Criteria and Billing for Separately Payable Lab Tests

Taking Coverage Requirements to Heart

Review of Medicare Requirements for Cardiac Rehabilitation

A Benefit, A Challenge

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Medicare Requirements

It’s a Process

Billing Skin Substitute Applications for 2014

Am I Having a Heart Attack?

Coding “Revascularization during an MI”

Heart to Heart to Heart

LCDs on Cardiac CTA

Random versus Targeted Selection

OIG Report on Payment Errors for Selected Drugs

A Chance to be Proactive Instead of Reactive

Proper Documentation of Inpatient Order and Critical Care Services

Size and Words Matter

Documenting Wound Debridements

How Was Your Holiday?

2015 OPPS Proposed Rule

New CCI Modifiers and MUE Rules

If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again

Q&As- Medicare Requirements for Rehabilitative Therapy

Happy National Physical Therapy Month!

Medical Management Plus HIQUP Reports

Making Healthcare Make Sense

Medical Management Plus HIQUP Reports: Part 2

Making Healthcare Make Sense

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