Medicare Coverage

A Benefit, A Challenge

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Medicare Requirements

Heart to Heart to Heart

LCDs on Cardiac CTA

Here Kitty, Kitty

Monthly LCD Updates

Size and Words Matter

Documenting Wound Debridements

Medicare Quarterly Provider Compliance Newsletter

No Summer Vacation for Hospitals

Coverage Policies for HBO and Coverage Updates

Everyone’s Two Cents Worth

NCDs Address Hepatitis C and VADs

Looking Out for Your Liver and Helping Your Heart

Medical Necessity of Surgical Procedures

Dear Doctor, Why Did Your Patient Need a Spinal Fusion?

Wish List for Hospitals

Hospital Improvements for Payment (HIP) Act of 2014

A Look Back at 2014

Out With the Old and In with Some Old and Some New

Recovery Auditor Program Improvements

Region 5 Recovery Auditor A New Beginning

Medicare Quarterly Provider Compliance Newsletter

Denials due to the Physician’s Pen

Recovery Auditor &Medicare Administrative Contract Awards

Who are the Region 5 Recovery Auditor and J-J MAC?

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